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living into the life

Living Into the Life of Jesus: The Christian Formation of Character 


Why does trying hard to follow the example of Jesus often yield little progress? On this Midday Connection, Professor of Educational Studies and Theology, Klaus Issler, joins us to talk about Living into the Life of Jesus. We’ll look at forging deeper connections with Jesus so that his life begins to permeate our own character. It’s a look at the life of Jesus in the Gospels. 


Midday Connections, Moody Radio, Melinda Schmidt, co-host



Ch 1: Form Your Heart Not Just Your Behavior
Ch 2: Wake Up to Five Formation Gaps
Ch 3: Adapt Formation Practices for Your Journey
Ch 4: God’s Love
Ch 5: Holy Spirit
Ch 6: Scripture & Holy Spirit
Ch 7: Exemplary Practices About Relationships
Ch 8: Part 1—Exemplary Practices About Work, Money, Generosity
Ch 8: Part 2— Exemplary Practices About Money
Wrap up for the whole book
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