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in a Christian Perspective

I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.
- Jesus


            I’m a follower of Jesus in my 70s. What an amazing journey. My current learning edge is coming to appreciate the truth that the God of the universe wants to live my life with me, and how to live into that wonderful opportunity. I’m referring to it as “Life Together with God 24/7.” Over these many years I’ve had the opportunity to do some research and writing. I hope these publications and blogs available on this website can help enlighten and enhance your own journey toward greater flourishing and well-being.


            Previously I’ve served as an associate pastor and seminary professor at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University (along with stints as a dock worker, parking lot tram driver, clown). Now I’m doing some fascinating theological consulting work for these two organizations (and also get to work regularly with my brother, Bill). Epika Studios ( is using cutting edge immersive technology (think of virtual reality and augmented reality) to help enhance Bible engagement. A great idea. And these specialized resources—such as audio Bible Reading experience while viewing VR 360 restful scenery, walk through VR 360 representations of Herod’s Temple and of Capernaum where Jesus lived and served, and VR Tours of the Holy Land—may be coming to your local church in the near future.

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